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Living Wills And Advanced Directives

Last updated on June 5, 2024

An advance directive is a legal document providing official instructions regarding your health care needs in the future. One example of this is a medical power of attorney, which allows you to pick an agent to make your medical decisions. Another example is a living will, which gives you a chance to make these decisions on your own. Either way, these documents are a key part of planning for your future through your estate plan.

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Making Your Treatment Options Known

The main benefit of a living will is that you can tell the future medical team what decisions you would make if you were able to do so. For instance, maybe you do not want to be kept on life-support if you suffer a heart attack or a stroke. You would not be able to discuss this with your medical team at the time, as you may be incapacitated, but the living will provide instructions. It gives you a chance to address any concerns and to specify the treatments you want – or do not want – in the medical center.

What Are The Requirements For A Living Will In St. Charles, Missouri?

Under Missouri law, the person drafting the living will must do so in writing, and they must have the mental capacity to make legal decisions. The document has to be properly signed and dated, and living wills that are not handwritten need to be witnessed by two adults. The living will doesn’t take effect right away but only through incapacitation.

Working With An Experienced Legal Team

This process can be very complicated, but it’s crucial to make these health care decisions to take stress off of your family and to ensure that you get the type of care you desire. Our lawyers have been through this process before, and we are glad to answer questions and provide legal guidance every step of the way. Just get in touch with us via email or call 636-549-8300 today to set up an initial consultation.