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Helping You Through Child Abuse Charges

The statute on child abuse has been recently revised and penalties have been made more severe. For example, in the revised statute an individual found guilty of child abuse is not eligible for probation or parole unless they have served a minimum of one year incarceration. These are serious charges with serious consequences, so please call the attorneys at Boehmer Law today so we can begin fighting for you now! Call 636-549-8300.

The language and full understanding of the statute requires an experienced lawyer who has handled child abuse charges. The statute is very broad and basically allows for a charge of child abuse whenever an individual inflicts pain on a child under the age of 17. This is a simplification to the bare root of the statute, but demonstrates how broadly the law can be interpreted.

Support From Our Experienced Attorneys

It is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has handled these types of cases and knows the details of the statute and knows the exceptions to the crime. Because much of the statute and the exceptions are subjective and usually based on opinion, it is even more important to have an attorney who has handled these types of cases. There are a lot of collateral issues that can arise from either a charge or conviction of child abuse. An individual’s job, housing, community status and custody of their children can be greatly affected.

Get Legal Help Now

If you’re facing child abuse charges, don’t navigate this complex legal terrain alone. Contact our lawyers at Boehmer Law today at 636-549-8300 or use our online form to get started. We can help you explore your options, understand the potential ramifications and receive experienced legal guidance.