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Understanding Uncontested Divorce In Missouri

Most divorces fall into one of two categories: contested and noncontested. A contested divorce is one in which the divorcing parties cannot agree on issues such as child support, custody of children, maintenance, distribution of debt or division of property. In a contested divorce, the couple ultimately takes these issues to court to be resolved. This may draw out the divorce process and result in higher legal costs. A contested divorce can take anywhere from six months to two years.

An uncontested divorce means that both spouses are able to agree on these issues from the onset of the case without significant negotiations or court involvement. They generally move more swiftly through the system and are less expensive than contested divorces. An uncontested divorce will still have some of the same requirements, such as parent education classes, parenting plans, and other state-required paperwork – but the turnaround time can be much faster, such as a 60-day time period. We still recommend an attorney to work on your behalf to ensure your interests are being considered throughout the process and that the complicated paperwork is drafted properly. Additionally, if an uncontested divorce turns contested (which does happen), you will want an attorney familiar with your situation to work on your behalf.

Uncontested Divorce Advantages

While uncontested divorce does not work for every situation, there are some distinct advantages, including:

  • Unlike a traditional divorce, the process is typically a mutually respectful, open-minded process that focuses on joint problem-solving.
  • Uncontested divorce avoids court. The goal (and key difference between a traditional divorce and an uncontested one) of an uncontested divorce is to reach an agreement without going to Court by developing an effective relationship with your ex-spouse that enables you to make joint decisions on your property and children (if applicable).
  • While divorce ends a marriage, it is also the start of a new life for both parties. When both parties interact with each other respectfully and cooperatively, an uncontested divorce can help parents and children move forward, hopefully in a positive and supportive spirit.

An uncontested divorce is often a much smoother process. By pledging mutual respect and openness, the parties learn how to work with each other instead of against each other, and the parties learn how to resolve their problems in the future without needing to litigate.

At Boehmer Law, our lawyers offer a fixed price for a non-contested divorce if you think that may be the best option for your situation. We offer a free consultation to come in and sit down with one of our St. Charles divorce and family law attorneys and discuss your needs.

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