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Legal Support For Orders Of Protection

Orders of Protection, commonly referred to as a restraining order, can be filed at no cost at any county court house. Note that orders of protection are considered a civil case and therefore carry a lower burden of proof than a criminal case. An Order of Protection can be a useful tool to protect an individual from someone that may have malicious or harmful intentions. It is important to note that an order of protection is still just a piece of paper and only gives grounds to punish someone who violates the order at a later date. If someone violates the order of protection, you may need to utilize the local police department.

Guidance And Protection

If you or a loved one find yourself in a situation where you feel you need to obtain an order of protection, our criminal defense lawyers at Boehmer Law have helped many clients protect themselves by compassionately assisting them in court to achieve their goal of obtaining a full order of protection. We will review your individual situation, explain the entire process including what to expect, and appear with you in court. If you need to file for an order of protection for yourself or on behalf of your minor child call Boehmer Law today at 636-549-8300 so we can help you.

Defending Against Wrongful Accusations

Unfortunately, order of protection cases can also be used for wrongful purposes and are one of the most commonly abused aspects of the court system. What was meant for a relatively specific purpose is often used for manipulative purposes. Having an experienced lawyer that has dealt with many of these situations is imperative in helping you distinguish between the two. We also defend many order of protection petitions from accusers who did not deserve or lawfully qualify to obtain a full order of protection. Whether a petitioner of an order of protection has been given bad advice, made a mistake, or had bad intentions; we have the experience needed to defend against an unfounded order of protection. Call our criminal attorneys in St. Charles at Boehmer Law if you feel someone has unjustly filed for an order of protection against you.

Get Legal Assistance

If you need an order of protection or face unjust accusations, don’t wait. Call our lawyers at Boehmer Law at 636-549-8300 or contact us online to protect yourself or your loved ones.