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Experienced Defense In Armed Criminal Action

At Boehmer Law, our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience handling numerous armed criminal action cases. Our priority is advocating for your defense. Schedule a free consultation visit to review your case details and explore how we can vigorously represent you.

Understanding Armed Criminal Action

Armed criminal action involves the use of any weapon while committing a crime. This charge is exceptionally severe, with a minimum three-year sentence and no probation if found guilty. It’s crucial to recognize the broad definition of this offense, granting the state extensive discretion in its application.

Legal Implications

Many find themselves subject to this charge due to impulsive or reckless actions involving objects that could be deemed weapons. For instance, a heated moment on a playground, where a young individual uses a baseball bat in anger, may result in an armed criminal action charge, even if the injury is minimal. Moreover, this charge commonly stems from crimes involving guns or knives, like attempted robberies.

Navigating State Discretion

The decision to file armed criminal action charges lies within the state’s discretion. This discretion extends to defining what constitutes a deadly weapon in each scenario. Having a seasoned attorney, well-versed in handling such cases, is crucial. A skilled attorney can persuade the prosecutor, judge or jury regarding the actual use of a deadly weapon.

Experienced Representation

With over two decades of experience, our criminal defense attorneys have effectively handled numerous armed criminal action cases. We’re dedicated to ensuring your defense stands strong.

Talk To An Attorney Today

If you’re facing charges related to armed criminal action, our seasoned attorneys are here to fiercely defend your rights. Contact us today to secure knowledgeable legal representation that fights for your defense. Call 636-549-8300 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free consultation in our St. Charles office.