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Legal Support For Modifications In Family Law

The word “modification” means “a change.” When changing circumstances require a modification of family law legal orders, we can help. We can also represent you if you are trying to stop a modification that will adversely affect you and your family. Child custody, visitation and support orders may be modified if there is a substantial and continual change in circumstances and dependent on how a previous decree was worded.

Modifications to your previous agreements or legal orders can happen agreeably or through a dispute. Generally, we find that the best agreements occur with professional, face-to-face negotiations in the presence of family law attorney(s). If both parties come to an agreement cordially, each party is more likely to stick to the terms of the new agreement. However, if this is not possible, we will go to court and fight for your rights.

Reasons For Modifications

Modifications can happen for a variety of reasons and some of these reasons may include:

  • Job changes: New jobs that require longer hours or more travel impact a parent’s ability to spend time with a child, which could lead to custody alterations.
  • Remarriage: When you or your former spouse gets remarried, it could impact the child’s life and the amount of money that they are able to pay or receive in child support.
  • Parental negligence or irresponsibility: If you have reason to believe that your ex-spouse is abusive to your child in any way or has developed problems with alcohol, drugs or irresponsibility, we will work with you to alter their custodial and visitation privileges.
  • Change in needs: Once a child gets to a certain age, he or she might no longer require the same expenses in child support.
  • Change in income: If you have lost your job or if your former spouse suddenly sees a large jump in income, you can seek to alter the terms of your child support agreement.
  • Relocation: If you or your ex-spouse are looking to move to a different city, this could be grounds to change your custody terms.

Our family law team can help you determine your goals and what steps you need to take for you and your family.

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