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Founding attorney Eric Boehmer in court.

Protecting Your Family’s Future

Children are the heart of our lives, and when it comes to custody and parental rights, it’s a crucial juncture. Having a seasoned child custody attorney by your side is essential. Our legal team specializes in custody law, providing nuanced guidance on the distinctions between physical and legal custody. We’re here to demystify complex legal terms and roles, including the pivotal role of a guardian ad litem (GAL). But beyond legal jargon, our focus remains steadfast on what truly matters: your child(ren)’s best interests.

In custody battles, it’s not just about winning legal battles – it’s about securing a stable and nurturing environment for your child. Our attorneys prioritize your child’s welfare above all else. We take the time to understand your unique family dynamics, crafting personalized strategies that consider every facet of your child’s needs. From advocating for the right custody arrangement to ensuring a GAL’s role aligns with your child’s welfare, we stand as your dedicated legal advocates, committed to securing the best possible future for your family.

Comprehensive Legal Assistance

At Boehmer Law, our child custody and family lawyers cater to various custody-related issues. From establishing custody rights to modifying existing arrangements, our dedicated legal team is committed to realizing your objectives.

Secure Your Family’s Future

Seek guidance from our seasoned child custody attorneys to safeguard your family and nurture your relationship with your children. Call our attorneys at Boehmer Law today and take the first step toward protecting your parental rights and your family’s well-being. Contact us online or call 636-549-8300 to make an appointment in our St. Charles office.