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Founding attorney Eric Boehmer in court.


Below are just a few examples of the numerous types of legal representation that we provide our clients.
Rape and Kidnapping Charges

St. Charles County Circuit Court, criminal attorney Eric Boehmer had a client facing charges of rape in the 1st degree, attempted rape in the 1st degree, and kidnapping. The case was set to go to trial, and while preparing for trial Mr. Boehmer conducted depositions of the alleged victims and police officer, reviewed footage of the alleged crime scene with his investigator, and reviewed all previous statements made by the witnesses. After a review of the case the defendant, charges were reduced to with assault in the 4th degree, a Class C misdemeanor, and an SIS with one-year bench/unsupervised with no special conditions probation.

Attempted Sex Trafficking with a Child under 18

In St. Charles County Circuit Court, Mr. Boehmer’s client was facing 10-30 years in prison for attempted sex trafficking with a Child Under 18. The case was set to go to trial, however Mr. Boehmer continued negotiating with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Mr. Boehmer prepared the case for trial. During his preparations, he discovered a means to demonstrate to the prosecutor how the facts did not match the statute. The Prosecutor and Mr. Boehmer were able to review the facts together and Mr. Boehmer was able to convince the prosecutor of what he discovered and the prosecutor dismissed the case.

Felony Domestic Assault

In Warren County Circuit Court, Mr. Boehmer’s client was accused of assaulting his girlfriend and trashing the residence. After presenting evidence and cross examining the witnesses, including the state’s expert witness, the jury went out to deliberate for approximately two hours and returned with a verdict of not guilty.

Class B Felony Possession

In St. Charles County Circuit Court, two defendants were arrested and charged with class B Felony possession with the intent to distribute for having 60 pounds of marijuana. After reviewing the reports for all possible motions, including motions to suppress, and negotiating with the prosecuting attorney’s office, Mr. Boehmer was able to plea both cases to a reduced charge of possession of a controlled substance and clients were only sentenced to pay a fine.

Possession of Child Pornography

In St. Charles County Circuit Court, Mr. Boehmer’s client had his home searched and electronics seized. Upon an investigation by law enforcement, images of child pornography were found. Mr. Boehmer, criminal defense attorney, worked closely with the investigative detectives and the prosecuting attorney on behalf of his client. Eric very aggressively plead his case to the prosecutor in regards to the culpability of his client with regards to the images found on the client’s computer. After months of investigating and negotiating with the detectives and prosecuting attorney, Mr. Boehmer was able to enter into an agreement that involved his client simply paying for restitution of the cost of the investigation in exchange for no charges being filed against the client in St. Charles, MO and no further action being taken.

Personal Injury

St. Louis County, MO Our client was involved in a motorcycle accident and was riding with another driver and incurred several injuries. Boehmer Law Personal Injury Lawyers were able to work out a settlement with the insurance companies and get our client in St. Louis, MO an award of $100,000.

Illegal Search and Seizure

In Lincoln County State Court Eric successfully argued a motion to suppress the state’s evidence that the state planned to introduce at trial. Eric argued that the evidence was a trial violation of the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, commonly known as the ‘search and seizure laws’. Due to Eric’s expert legal knowledge, the judge granted an order refraining the state from being able to use their evidence at trial. Subsequently, the state had nothing to move forward to trial on, and the state was forced was to dismiss the felony possession charges in Troy, MO.

Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Assault

In St. Charles County Circuit Court Mr. Boehmer’s client was on parole for murder in Texas when law enforcement found a gun at his home in Missouri and was therefore charged with a felony of unlawfully possessing a weapon. If the defendant plead guilty or was found guilty, his murder parole would have been revoked and he was facing the rest of his life in prison. Even though the evidence seemed to be insurmountable, Eric’s arguments during trial on behalf of his client in St. Charles, MO were able to sway the jury into rendering a verdict of not-guilty. Consequently, his parole violation was dropped and he was released from jail. A year later, this same defendant was charged with assault and Mr. Boehmer was able to get the charges thrown out, once again saving his client from a nasty parole hearing.

Felony DWI

In St. Louis County State Court Eric,a DUI attorney, took a client’s felony DWI charge to jury trial, despite the state’s and court’s efforts to encourage a pre-trial settlement. Eric’s aggressive arguments against the state’s evidence showed there was not enough evidence to convict and the jury agreed, finding the defendant in St. Louis, MO not guilty.

Car Accident Settlement

St. Peters, MO Our client was involved in a car accident on the highway and incurred several injuries and extensive car damage. After hiring Boehmer law as their accident attorney, we were able to negotiate with the insurance companies for the full value of car repairs and a $30,000 settlement for injuries.

Sex Abuse Charges

In Lincoln County State Court Eric successfully defended a client accused of Statutory Rape in the 1st degree. He was able to turn the states DNA witness against them in order to prove his client’s innocence. The jury found Eric’s client not-guilty in less than five minutes of deliberation.

In St. Charles County State Court Eric successfully defended a client of Statutory Rape and Child Molestation. He was able to use physical evidence such as the dimensions of an automobile to prove that the alleged victim’s testimony could not have been true. The jury found Eric’s client not guilty of the charges of Statutory Rape and Child Molestation.


In the City of St. Louis State Court Eric successfully defended a client that was accused of Drinking and Driving, driving the wrong way down a highway and striking another vehicle and injuring its occupants. Due to Eric’s clever use of cross examination and the state’s own submitted video, Eric was able to convince the jury there was insufficient evidence for conviction.

Personal Injury

In St. Charles, MO Eric recently obtained a settlement for a client who was injured in a car accident. While the individual had tried other legal representation for years without success, Eric was able to obtain a monetary settlement to help cover the costs of medical bills and pain and suffering for his client before the statute of limitations had run out.

Drug Charges

In St. Charles County State Court Eric was able to have drug charges thrown out after successfully arguing an illegal search was performed by law enforcement, avoiding the need for a trial and having the charges dismissed.

Unlawful Use of a Deadly Weapon

In St. Charles County State Court Eric defended a client that was accused of pointing a fire arm at law enforcement officials during an investigation from an unfounded tip by a confidential informant. At the jury trial Eric was able to convince the jury that under the circumstances, the client was justified of his actions and was therefore found not guilty.

Divorce St. Charles, MO 11th Circuit

In 2014, a client came to us very unhappy with the attorney she had been using. The client had incurred over $30,000 in attorney fees since the start of her St. Charles County case in 2012. Upon entering on the case, we began to thoroughly prepare for trial but started something that had not taken place up to that point: negotiating. Within several months of negotiating with the opposing counsel, the parties were pleased to settle outside of court, and in turn, saved several thousand dollars. Our Divorce Attorneys were able to help out our client quickly and professionally.

Custody St. Charles, MO 11th Circuit

In 2013, a gentleman retained our legal services for the sole purpose of getting custody of his child. The opposing party had kept the child away from our client for a very long time. Our child custody attorney was able to obtain a temporary visitation order at the beginning of the case. However, by the end of the matter, our client received a visitation schedule which exceeded the previous temporary order.

Modification St. Charles, MO 11th Circuit

A former client of ours came into our office wondering if the changed circumstances the father of her child’s employment would warrant an increase in child support and hired Boehmer Law for her family law attorney. The father of the child was not complying with the visitation schedule and was making a substantial amount of money more than he was when the original decree was entered. When the court entered the final judgment, our client was receiving double the amount of child support

Small Business Start Up

Lane and Keith have helped individuals in attaining their hopes of owning their own business. By helping them file the proper legal paperwork and helping them set up their Operation Agreements and Business Operational Frameworks, he was able to ensure that his clients are on their way to making their dreams come true.

These outcomes do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your or any legal matter.