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Founding attorney Eric Boehmer in court.

Helping You Craft A Strong Defense

Facing criminal accusations can be intimidating, frightening and degrading. Charges carry severe short and long-term consequences. Engaging an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney can significantly influence your case’s outcome, potentially altering the trajectory from a prison sentence to reduced or dismissed charges.

Our Approach To Defense

Our lawyers at Boehmer Law provide robust and effective criminal defense. Depending on your circumstances, we aim to:

  • Obtain dropped or reduced charges
  • Collaborate and negotiate with prosecutors
  • Interview witnesses, including police, to unveil inaccuracies
  • Ensure the legality of evidence gathered against you
  • Conduct comprehensive pretrial investigations
  • Leverage expert witnesses if necessary

Securing an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney is crucial to upholding the constitutional rights of due process and fair trial. We are committed to fiercely safeguarding your rights. Each case is meticulously reviewed, investigating every facet, including your initial encounter with law enforcement, to identify any procedural weaknesses the prosecution may possess.

Award Winning St. Charles Criminal Lawyers

Never speak with law enforcement until you have consulted an attorney. This can be a costly mistake to be searched or give any statements without counsel. You have constitutional rights to protect you from improper procedures and self-incrimination. Our lawyers at Boehmer Law have the knowledge and experience to help our clients with criminal charges of all kind and we can assess your case and check for any improprieties. Remember, you may have been arrested, but you have not been convicted. We will review all the information and evidence from your case to ensure law enforcement has followed all the proper laws and procedures. In fact, Eric as a criminal lawyer has expertly challenged and won illegal search and seizure resulting in the State’s evidence being thrown out before trial by arguing violations of his client’s constitutional rights.

If you have been accused of a crime, you understand that it can be a confusing, scary, and humiliating experience. Being accused of a crime is a very serious matter and can have both long and short-term consequences. Hiring an experienced and successful criminal defense attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Often times, it could mean the difference between a prison sentence and reduced or dismissed charges.

We Defend All Types Of Criminal Charges

Some of the types of criminal defense cases that we handle include:

  • Drug Crimes – Drug crimes can range from simple possession misdemeanors to serious felonies for distribution or trafficking. These charges can carry with them substantial fines and/or jail sentences. If you have been charged with a crime involving illegal drugs, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney immediately.
  • Sex Crimes—Sex crimes can range from rape, child pornography, child molestation charges and statutory rape. If you or a loved one have been accused of a sex related crime—call us now. We will review all the aspects of your case and hear your side of the story. Every accusation deserves a great defense and you want someone with the experience of Boehmer Law both in and out of the courtroom to handle your case.
  • Violent Crimes – Crimes of violence often carry with them serious fines, jail time, and may have both professional and social consequences. An attorney with experience in handling these matters can help you with obtaining the best possible outcome in your case.
  • Murder / Manslaughter / Homicide – Being accused of homicide can be a life-changing event. Being convicted of homicide could have devastating repercussions for your life, your career and the lives of your family. If you are being investigated for or have been accused of homicide it is crucial that you contact an attorney who is experienced in handling homicide cases immediately.

Being accused of a crime is a very serious matter and can have both harsh long and short-term consequences. As a result, it is in your best interest to mount the most powerful legal defense possible to protect your liberty, your assets and your future. The attorneys at Boehmer Law have the experience and dedication to provide you with such a defense, and are committed to protecting the rights of people who have been accused of a crime.

Every Accusation Deserves A Great Defense

If you or a loved one faces criminal accusations, our dedicated team at Boehmer Law is committed to protecting your rights and providing aggressive defense. Contact us today to ensure your constitutional rights are defended robustly and fairly. Call 636-549-8300 or use our online form to make an appointment.