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Our lawyers at Boehmer Law have achieved a two-decades-long track record of success built on integrity and the dogged pursuit of justice for our clients. They proudly serve the people of St. Charles, St. Louis and the surrounding communities.

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A St. Charles Law Firm Dedicated To Client Service And The Pursuit Of Justice

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We Are Here To Fight For You.
Our Goal Is To Win.

A lot of attorneys are happy with collecting a fee and just getting by when they sign a new client. The first option for most lawyers is our team’s last resort. Our attorneys don’t take on cases with the expectation of giving ground in negotiations or at trial; they fight for our clients every step of the way. At Boehmer Law, our lawyers are tenacious in their pursuit of justice and their drive to protect our clients’ rights. When you hire our attorneys to represent you, you will never question whether you are getting their maximum effort.

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Justice Is What You Deserve.
Justice Is What Our Team Pursues.

At Boehmer Law, our attorneys are passionate about the practice of law. They want people to be treated fairly in the justice system. Whether you are facing a family law issue, injuries from an accident or criminal accusations, you deserve fair treatment. The problem with our legal system is that without a lawyer, your chances of getting justice go down dramatically. Our attorneys are here to guide you through the complex processed that make up our justice system.

Boehmer Law is made up of award-winning lawyers who have the experience, confidence and knowledge to handle your legal matters both inside and outside the courtroom.

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Integrity Is What
Our Attorneys Are Made Of

“I fight to win. I’ve been a competitor my entire life. I don’t like to lose.”

– Eric Boehmer

Attorney Eric L. Boehmer speaking with a client in the courtroom