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Founding attorney Eric Boehmer in court.

Handling Juvenile Crimes

When a child faces criminal charges, the repercussions extend far beyond the individual, profoundly affecting the dynamics and well-being of the entire family unit. The imperative for seeking expert legal guidance in juvenile defense is magnified, as navigating these sensitive situations requires specialized knowledge and a compassionate approach that acknowledges the broader familial implications.

Choosing The Right Legal Support

Juvenile offenses, especially severe ones like sex crimes, drug charges, assault, theft or murder accusations, necessitate the right legal representation.

Our juvenile defense lawyers offer guidance and support if your child is arrested, wrongly accused or made a mistake. We’ll help you explore legal options and comprehensively address your child’s case.

Understanding The Legal Process

Not all attorneys possess the nuanced skill set required to effectively advocate for juvenile defendants. Successfully guiding juveniles through the legal system demands more than legal acumen; it necessitates a delicate balance of experience, empathy and a deep understanding of the unique challenges these young individuals face.

With the right legal support, a criminal charge need not cast an indelible shadow on a child’s future. Engaging adept criminal legal counsel opens avenues to mitigate the impact, offering opportunities for rehabilitation, growth and a more positive trajectory toward a promising future.

Take Action Now

We aim to support you and your child through this challenging time and work towards a positive resolution. Reach out to us for comprehensive legal assistance tailored to juvenile cases.

Don’t let a criminal charge jeopardize your child’s future. Contact our attorneys at Boehmer Law by calling 636-549-8300 or contacting us online to schedule a consultation. We’ll sit with you and your child to explore all available options.