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Founding attorney Eric Boehmer in court.

Advocacy For Stealing Charges

If you or a loved one have been charged with stealing, Theft, shoplifting or larceny (on this site all terms are referred to as stealing) call Boehmer Law to speak with one of our St. Charles criminal lawyers as soon as possible so we can review the circumstances of your case and discuss your options. Your first consultation visit is free. Call 636-549-8300 to make an appointment today.

In the state of Missouri, stealing is when an individual appropriates the property or services of another with the purpose of depriving him or her thereof, either without his or her consent or by means of deceit or coercion. Stealing can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. There are varying levels of felony charges and very specific types of felony stealing charges. Stealing is a serious charge and a conviction can greatly affect future employment due to the nature of the charge. Potential employers can be very leery of hiring someone with a stealing conviction.

Building Your Defense

At Boehmer Law, our criminal defense attorneys have handled numerous types of stealing charges so call us now so we can start fighting on your behalf. Keep in mind, quite often the best piece of evidence a police officer can provide is a confession or statement made by the suspect. Sometimes it can be the only evidence available that could convict a defendant. That is why it is extremely important to obtain legal representation from experienced legal counsel like the lawyers at Boehmer Law before any contact with law enforcement.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Take the first step in addressing your stealing charges by scheduling a no-cost consultation with our attorneys at Boehmer Law. Contact us online or call 636-549-8300 to secure your appointment and begin building a robust defense strategy.