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Navigating Weapons Charges In Missouri: Protecting Your Rights

At Boehmer Law, our team understands the complexities and severity of weapons charges in Missouri. If you’re facing a potential weapons charge, our criminal defense attorneys are here to provide you with the legal guidance and representation you need. Call us for a free consultation at 636-549-8300.

Understanding Unlawful Use Of Weapons

The state of Missouri has stringent laws regulating the use of weapons, encompassing various scenarios that constitute the unlawful use of firearms or other deadly weapons. These can include:

  • Defacing a firearm: Altering or removing serial numbers or markings on firearms is considered a serious offense.
  • Breaking local weapons ordinances: Violating specific weapon-related laws enacted by local jurisdictions.
  • Armed criminal action: Committing a felony while armed with a deadly weapon, leading to enhanced penalties.
  • Fraudulent purchase of a firearm: Engaging in deceitful practices to acquire firearms unlawfully, which is a serious criminal offense.
  • Illegal sale of firearms: Engaging in the unauthorized selling or transfer of firearms, violating state laws.

Being charged with a weapons-related offense is a serious matter that necessitates swift legal action. Our criminal defense attorneys will meticulously evaluate your case, explain relevant laws and guide you through the legal process to safeguard your rights. It’s crucial not to make any statements to law enforcement without consulting an attorney to protect your ability to defend yourself.

Advocates For Your Defense

Whether you believe you’ve committed an offense or not, seeking legal counsel is imperative to protect your rights. At Boehmer Law, our criminal defense attorneys understand all types of weapons charges. Contact us online or call 636-549-8300 today for a free consultation, and let us assist you in navigating these legal complexities.