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Understanding Passing Bad Checks

Passing a bad check typically involves writing one on an account with insufficient funds or a closed account. The severity of this offense can range from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the circumstances and the check’s value.

Legal Complexities

The state faces hurdles in proving two crucial elements: the mental state of the check writer and the recipient’s ability to identify them. Bank records fluctuate, offering a defense concerning the accused’s mental state. For instance, if a spouse writes a significant check from a joint account without informing the accused.

Timely Challenges

Bad check cases often surface months after the incident, usually written in large retail or food service stores. Identifying the check writer becomes challenging due to the time that has lapsed since the brief interaction.

Legal Defense Approach

While some attorneys might opt for a probation deal, at Boehmer Law, our lawyers challenge the state to prove both mental state and identification. We aim to avoid plea deals unless absolutely necessary. Leveraging our extensive trial experience proves beneficial in effectively defending our clients.

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