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Personal Injury and Car Accidents
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personal injury lawyer in st charles missouri
Here are things that are important to bring to your first consultation appointment if you have them. If you do not have these items, know that your attorney will be asking for them at some point.

• Date/Time of incident
• Location of incident
• Name and contact information of the other involved party(s)
• Any pictures of property damage or scene of incident (pictures or your vehicle and theirs if you have them)
• Any pictures of physical injuries—the closer to the date of the incident the better.
• Police report information. (If you have a copy of a police report or incident report please bring a copy with you)
• Your automobile or home owner’s policy (If applicable)
• The other party’s insurance information (home owners, car insurance or business insurance) If they are not willing to share their policy number with you at least see if they will pass along the name of the insurance and insurance contact information.
• Names/Contact information of anyone else involved in the incident
• Names/Contact information for any witnesses
• Any correspondence you received pertaining to this incident
• A copy of any traffic/law enforcement citations you may have been issued
• All the names/locations of any places you received or are currently receiving medical care including but not limited to:
o Ambulance Services
o ER Visit
o Hospital Stay (all bills involved)
o Physical Therapy
o Chiropractic Care
o Follow UP Visits
o Long Term Care Needs
o Pharmacy receipts
o Over the counter receipts for bandages, crutches, braces etc.
• Copies of all receipts you have relating to the incident including but not limited to:
o Any out of pocket expenses for deductibles
o Any rental car receipts
o Receipts for any repairs completed due to the incident
o Any receipts you think impact your case
• Any estimates on damage repair(s) related to the incident

What to expect at your appointment:
You will meet with one our St. Charles, Missouri  Personal Injury Lawyer and go over all the specifics of your case. We will review all the documentation that you have and ask you questions about your case. This will be your time to tell our Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer your side of the incident and review your medical records, receipts, incident reports, etc.
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