Bond Reductions


One of the most important parts of a criminal case is the custody status of the defendant. We understand no one wants to be in jail. Every defendant, as a matter of law, is allowed a bond reduction hearing.  At this hearing, your attorney can argue for a reduction of your bond. Every circumstance is different, but this reduction may include: release on a defendant's own recognizance, posting a surety bond through the use of a bondsman, or your bond could be reduced to 10% of a predetermined amount set by the court. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: In some types of crimes, where victims are involved, there is a statutory four day notice period before a bond reduction hearing can be heard. This can sometimes be circumvented, however every circumstance is different and it is essential to move on this as quickly as possible. Call us NOW at 636-896-4020 so we can help you or your loved one.  

At Boehmer Law, our criminal defense attorneys have the skill, extensive experience, and knowledge to handle your bond reduction hearing. Our attorneys are at the courthouse on a daily basis working to keep our clients from facing long jail times.

Keep In Mind
After the court receives evidence and information from the defendant and the prosecution, the court will take into effect a number of factors to decide whether or not to grant the motion for a bond reduction. Factors the court can consider include: the involvement the defendant has within their community (like church, school, volunteering), criminal history of the defendant, the nature of the charges, the safety of the community, flight risk of the defendant, and the financial ability of the defendant to post bail. The court can reduce the bail and set conditions to insure the purposes of bail are met.  
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