If you know that a Missouri warrant has been issued or you are worried that a warrant for your arrest in Missouri has been issued—do not wait—call 636-896-4020 NOW.  Do not get arrested at work--try to avoid the problem first!

Warrants in Missouri can be issued for many reasons including not paying fines, Failure to Appear (missing a court date), for a new criminal charge, or a probation violation. When an active arrest warrant is confirmed         by law enforcement, they can arrest you immediately regardless of time, location, or circumstances.  

A bench or arrest warrant is really an order from a court to a law enforcement agency.  In essence it means: “Go get this person and bring them to me.”  Most warrants are a product of a problem in a case, such as a missed court date, a missed fine payment, probation violation, failed drug test or a new criminal charge.
Once a court issues a Missouri warrant, there are a few different ways to satisfy the court’s order that the Defendant show up in court. If you have a pending bench or arrest warrant – your first priority should be to get an attorney to court for you to ask for a Recall of the Warrant without jail, without bail.   If a warrant is issued for a new felony charge, you must have an attorney get the bond reduced.   The best way to get a warrant problem solved is to get the warrant “Recalled” by the court.   That means brought back from law enforcement.

Missouri Warrant for Felony Charges

When you are charged with a felony you get no warning and there is no court date to start. The case is filed automatically with a warrant and a bond. You should contact one of our St. Charles, MO criminal lawyers so we can immediately work at getting that bond reduced or the warrant recalled. Please keep in mind that ultimately on a felony, no matter how low your attorney gets your bond reduced you still have to go through the process of being booked and released. Also, a case can be filed months or years after an incident date and a warrant can be issued instantly. Contact Boehmer Law today and ask about our “watch” program so we can help you.  

Incident in Missouri—But You Live Out of State?

If a warrant is issued for you or a loved one due to an incident while you were in Missouri, the warrant process may be delayed—contact our St. Charles lawyers regarding your Missouri warrant recall for more information and find out what that process may be. If you do not do this in time, and you are arrested in another state, the process of bringing you back to Missouri through various law enforcement agencies can take weeks and sometimes even months. 

Let the Missouri criminal attorneys at Boehmer Law help you get your warrant recalled. Once the warrant is recalled, we must still deal with the problem in the case that caused the warrant. Boehmer Law in St. Charles, MO can review your case and help you with any other legal matters you may have pending with regards to your case. It is often possible to avoid the inconvenience and unpleasantness of being pulled over and having your car towed or your child taken away on top of the embarrassment of a public arrest so do not wait—let us see what we can do to help.

Your consultation visit is FREE--do not wait.
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