Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 569 defines robbery as:
Robbery in the first degree:

1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the first degree when he forcibly steals property and in the course thereof he, or another participant in the crime, 
(1) Causes serious physical injury to any person; or 
(2) Is armed with a deadly weapon; or 
(3) Uses or threatens the immediate use of a dangerous instrument against any person; or 
(4) Displays or threatens the use of what appears to be a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. 

2. Robbery in the first degree is a class A felony.

Robbery in the second degree:

1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the second degree when he forcibly steals property. 

2. Robbery in the second degree is a class B felony.

Robbery in 2nd degree is forcibly stealing property from another. What elevates the charge to robbery in the 1st degree is how the property was forcibly taken The most common form is the use of a weapon, displaying a weapon or threatening the use of a weapon in order to steal property of another. A weapon does not always have to be used during robbery in the 1st degree. An individual could use their fist or hands during the commission of a robbery and severally injure a victim for example breaking their arm or breaking their nose during an attack while committing robbery.

A very common type of robbery whether it is 1st or 2nd degree, is stealing an individual’s purse or wallet, by use of physical force or threatening a weapon. Eye witness testimony, particularly from the victim, is a key component in law enforcement's investigation of any robbery. Often the perpetrator of a robbery will wear a mask and gloves to conceal their identity making a positive identification difficult.

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