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When a child is charged with a crime, especially your child, it affects the entire family.   If you are looking for a juvenile defense attorney for yourself or for your child, making the right choice can seem overwhelming. This is especially true in cases where a minor has been charged with a serious criminal offense such as a sex crime, drug charges, assault, theft, or even murder. 

Whether your child has been arrested for a crime, been wrongfully accused of a criminal act, or just made a mistake, the counsel of a juvenile defense lawyer can help you and your family get through this stressful and difficult time. Let us help you understand all your child’s legal options and answer your questions regarding your child’s case. We will go through the entire case, step by step so we can find the best way possible to defend you or your child.

Not all attorneys are equipped to work with juvenile defendants. It takes a combination of compassion and knowledge of the law to see you or your child through the juvenile court system and work to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Remember: A criminal charge against your child does not have to negatively affect the rest of their life. If your child is in trouble, call Boehmer Law so we can sit down with you and your child to discuss all of your options. 636-896-4020

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