Criminal Non-Support


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Essentially, Criminal Non-Support can be either a felony of misdemeanor charge based on several factors some of which are the total amount owed in back child support or the amount of time an individual has gone without paying support. Persons accused of committing the offense of nonsupport of the child can be prosecuted in any county in which the child resided during the period of time for which the defendant is charged; or in any county in which the defendant resided during the period of time for which the defendant is charged 

There can be two different complaining parties. One is the parent that is supposed to receive the child support may request charges to be filed if they are not receiving their ordered child support. In some circumstances when an individual is not receiving child support they get benefits from the government to help raise the child. The other is the government which will seek to have charges pressed against the nonpaying individual to recoup the monies paid by the government to the custodial parent.  
If you have a warrant for a criminal nonsupport the attorneys at Boehmer Law can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney for the child support amount in order to recall the warrant. 

Please call Boehmer Law today to speak with our Criminal Lawyers at 636-896-4020 before you are arrested for a warrant under non ideal circumstances such as being arrested at your place of employment or driving with children in your vehicle.

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