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Essentially, armed criminal action entails the use of any weapon while committing any crime. Armed criminal action is an extremely serious charge, particularly since there is a minimum sentence of three years with no opportunity of probation if found guilty. 

It is very important to remember that Armed Criminal Action is a very broadly defined crime which gives the state broad discretion in its use. 

 Many young people subject themselves to this type of liability when committing crimes of passion or youthful flagrant actions with an object that could be considered a weapon. For example, if a young man on a playground gets mad at another individual during a sporting event and angrily strikes another using a baseball bat, he could be subject to a charge of armed criminal action even if the other individual was not badly injured.  Most commonly, this type of charge stems from a crime in which a gun or knife was used. For example, someone attempting to rob a convenience store with a gun.

 Remember, it is up to the discretion of the state to file charges of armed criminal action against an individual which means it is their opinion to define in each situation what a deadly weapon is. It is important to have an experienced attorney who has handled these types of cases to help convince the prosecutor, judge, or a jury as to whether or not a deadly weapon was actually used.  

At Boehmer Law, our criminal defense attorneys have handled numerous armed criminal action cases and are ready to work for you 

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