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Trial Attorneys

Our Missouri trial attorney's experience and aggressive defense of our clients makes all the difference, both in and out of the courtroom.  During the trial our attorneys will live, breathe, and work for you in a way most attorneys never will. The intricacies of law might mean one thing to someone who studies them; they take on a whole new meaning when you defend your client during a court case.  Eric Boehmer was been  awarded multiple Trial Attorney Awards.   When you have to go to trial--you want someone who knows what to do.   

Do not wait! - Let us fight for you. 

A trial lawyer represents clients involved with litigation, both criminal and civil. The lawyer also represents the defendants or the plaintiff’s side. The work of a litigator is to represent the party in a dispute without any involvement in a crime. A trial attorney persuades a jury in court by presenting the facts and circumstances of the case in a way that positively highlights their client’s position. 

The success of a case can depend on the trial lawyer you choose. You should keep a lot of things in mind when looking for and hiring a trial attorney:
  • An attorney with considerable expertise should be hired
  • Make sure that you hire an attorney with extensive and efficient trial experience
  • Inquire whether or not they can lower the bail or the sentence 
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