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Property damage occurs with someone knowingly damages the property or vehicle of another to varying degrees or damages property to defraud an insurer.  

 Property damage can be either a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the value of the item(s) that were damaged. There is no minimum amount of monetary value for a property damage charge. Therefore, even if the smallest of trinkets with little monetary value were to be damaged intentionally or knowingly by another, an individual who damages another’s property could possibly be charged with property damage.  

In these types of cases, the actual incident of property damage is not often witnessed by another. The expert attorneys at Boehmer Law understand the statutes of these laws and have the knowledge and experience to fight these types of charges. 

Keep in mind that often these cases are won by the state because of a confession made to the police about the incident. Therefore, it is very important when contacted by law enforcement that you immediately ask for an attorney to seek legal counsel before speaking with anyone.  If you or a family member has been asked to speak to the police, call Boehmer Law as soon as possible.   636-896-4020

At Boehmer Law, we have handled many property damage cases so call us today to get us fighting for you.  

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