Personal Injury

Personal Injury covers a wide spectrum of cases.  The general principle being, that an individual has been hurt or suffered damages in some fashion and is seeking some type of compensation.  The most common type of personal injury is an automobile accident.  If you have been injured or suffered damages by misdeeds of a medical professional, often a medical malpractice claim may be filed.  If you have been injured do to the negligence of an employer or injured on the job, let us help you through this process.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

You or someone you love has been involved in an accident or suffered an injury and often you might have more questions than answers. So now what should you do? Should you file an insurance claim? What about filing a lawsuit? How can you tell whether someone else might be legally at fault for causing your suffering or injuries? If you do have a valid case, what can you expect in terms of compensation? Let Boehmer Law and our Personal Injury Attorneys help you with all of these questions and more! 

Have you or a loved one been injured in an auto accident?  You may be able to file an accident claim in order to recover necessary compensation. We represent individuals involved in car accidents, boat accidents, ATV accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, school bus accidents and other motor vehicle accidents.  Our Accident Attorneys will review your case to see what we can do.

Property owners have a responsibility to keep premises safe for all their occupants and employees. If you slip, trip or fall resulting in an accident or injury in a restaurant, retail or grocery stores, parking lot or on other property those property owners may be held liable.

Large companies, including pharmaceutical corporations, are often so concerned with increasing profits and getting products out to market hastily that they may neglect, or overlook, valid safety concerns. This leaves people like you at serious risk of injury. Make an appointment today if you or a loved one has been harmed by defective products, including drugs and medications, auto parts, household products, industrial equipment, food recalls and more.

 Our attorneys want to sit down with you,listen to your story, go over all the elements of your situation, and discuss all possible options that may be available to you. Do not go through this on your own—let us help.

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